Doddy Activity Toy

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Levertijd: 1 tot 3 werkdagen.

Doddy Activity Toy

An activity is great fun for children. On the head of Doddy, made of bright yellow Nicki fabric, there is a comb sheet with 3 colorful strands in apricot, striped and dotted. It is perfect for grasping. The eyes of Doddy are lovingly embroidered by hand. The throat is made of dotted cotton jersey. The body of fluffy plush, stuffed with filling wool, is perfect for cuddling. In one wing, which is on the back in apricot-colored Nicki fabric and in the front of dotted cotton jersey, there is crackling foil integrated, which always inspires again and again. In one of the apricot orange claws and legs, made of cotton jersey, there is a squeaky hidden. In the tail of apricot orange cotton jersey, there is a shacker, which can be pulled out and back again and again. For the perfect sitting, the back of the chicken is filled with granules. The toy animal is lovingly wrapped in a gift box and a perfect gift for every child.

Eigenschappen van Doddy Activity Toy

30 cm
Geschikt voor:
Jongens en meisjes

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